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Updated: Feb 4, 2020


Wow! Just like that what the f&%# January is gone! The days flew by I find myself needing to just sit down do some serious reflecting and giving thanks for everything that I have been blessed with this month. Yet how can I find a balance when life seems to get crazy af - gets busy?

This first month - January I had thirty-one days to do it - what exactly did I really do? Not just talking about the surface stuff but rather the deeper level things – What was I blessed with? What did I give thanks for? What did I learn? What was I challenged with? How did I deal with it? I know I did my best to make every day, minute and right down to that last second count and do what really matters.

Next Level! All I know is that I made it a priority to move to focus on the next level shit for this new decade. I needed to define my goals plus consider all of the extra and get really focused on what I need to do with the extremely precious time I have – all I know is I want to do my best knowing I don’t need to ask or need permission from anyone but myself - its true! I have that power because of that all day everyday eye-opening prayer for protection, gratitude and of course with that utmost regard and respect for husband – who is life!


kwayask achimowin ᑲᐧᔭᐢᐠ ᐊᒋᒧᐃᐧᐣ A true story

Iskwewak! I started the month with some of the beautiful Iskwewak souls - together we completed our vision boards the very first execution to this new decade - vision boards complete. I think I totally kill it we laid out the priorities for sure! Have you ever done a vision board? For those of you who haven’t I highly recommend it – it’s time it has me feeling all determined and shit!. Oh January’s reflecting where I have spent my the time actually very well spent I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that – this is how I really roll behind the scenes…

Goals! Starting with I want to become that Master! Yes, I applied to the University of Alberta Community Engagement Master’s Program and am still working on applying to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Community Economic Development (CED) through Cape Breton University status still in progress! Reached out to an old professor who is now the Dean for a reference letter. I wrote a paper on Capitalism and Aboriginal Women back in 2005 at this time he told me to go to grad school! Unfortunately, he did not remember me (boo) and asked me to submit the paper again. Yikes! Had to dig in the archives meaning my old hotmail account can’t believe I remembered the password Actually, bumped into him at the U of A roundance and he said “Oh your Delilah Mah from Mah Art!” He has since told me about the Faculty of Native Studies Master’s Programs. Oh the choices! Always remember education is key! Invest into it if you can. It will truly take you to that next level!

The Tattoo! Who is down to get a tattoo of DJ Rebellion? Want to get this in the next month or so keeping her memory alive always. Always thinking of you!


Life! I found a young local designer who I plan on working with to design my dress can't wait to see you! Still thinking of spaces to do the twenty-years vow with my husband and need to take some pictures asnap soon. This is definitely our way of celebrating life; our life together has been so precious - if you don’t know now you know! This month I attended the memorial of one of the greatest mentors he had his way of course with bringing me and another beautiful Iskwew together! Forever in my heart!

Family! My son played a lot of hockey this month. On January 13 this week this day it was minor hockey week the team went to the finals our son’s team took gold bittersweet moment for sure the last game he will ever play at this level. He definitely made it count. My daughter did another photoshoot yikes really think I created a monster bahaha she wants to register a business! My other daughter got herself a sewing machine too! My husband began his second semester so Thursdays will be long days as he will be in his class! Sad face Still haven’t heard from my eldest son he’s doing his own thing love him thinking of his always! My beautiful niece is working hard get to see her occasionally her and her cute cats! Can’t forget Atticus his excitement was the visit to the vet. They asked if he brushes his teeth I told the vet I always tell him to never listens (bahaha). Reminder this life has never been about me but about you!


The BravHer Consulting Life! been working on a few contracts excited to be able to do what I love everything has to do with Indigenous planning! The bonus is being a part of such amazing teams! Definitely busy busy

The Mah Art Journey! I was invited to attend the First Nations, Metis and Inuit Victoria School of the Arts absolutely loved that strong First Nations, Metis and Inuit focus Family Night. Such thoughtfulness it’s been so long that I ever had anyone serve me – it takes such a humbleness to do so. Thank you again, to the Iskwew for your thoughtfulness for bring me soup and bannock when you did not have to, but you did! It’s moments like this that I am reminded that there are still such amazing souls out there who still have that humbleness to be thinking of others and not just themselves. I think this is where one can easily get lost – so much more rewarding when you stay true to that ability to connect and stay true to this!

Blessed! Received another invite to showcase my art at the AWPA’s Gala. It was exciting to be a vendor rather than the organizer shout out to AWPA! Wow thank you so much to the beautiful Iskwew who purchased art. Attended a meeting at the ATB Branch for Arts and Culture always love being there! Received an invite from a talented local artist first art show to be held at the end of February will be doing a pop up art show! Love getting to collaborate. Also, I submitted my artwork to the National Women’s Association of Canada to purchase an item or two!

Work, work, work! Spend a few very late nights working on my proposal thank goodness there was that extra two-day extension. Kind of disliking the procrastination in me gets me no where but having late nights. Submitted an Existence eMagazine proposal to the ATB BoostR for a crowdfunding I honestly need to know more to become that expert. Remember always keep always striving no matter what! The campaign launched today! Stay tuned! Lastly, it’s so sweet when you are able to hear the testimonials for Mah Art. Got to hear from people who have purchased or have been gifted my art so heartfelt to know that they have hanging in their bedrooms! Oh and I got to order more stickers (ha) the existing part of business there so cute!

Mah Photography Snap, Snap! Booking well in advance, got yet another backdrop and checked out some sweet lighting so need in my life due to that drop depreciation of my equipment – goals! Can’t wait to do the kinship photos and another for an aspiring model. Thanks for the referrals to help another young Iskwew build her portfolio and to another Iskwew for referring to do a wedding! Unfortunately, I had to turn this down; however, the best was being able to refer her another beautiful Iskwew! The best ever was watching my daughter do her first photoshoot and seeing her get out there doing what she loves – videography. Boo sadly I had to decline this past weekend photographer opportunity down south for an Indigenous film documentary – so wanted to be there to support can’t wait to watch it! Unfortunately, time and recent commitments held me back on this one!

Iskwew Founded! Iskwew Made! Iskwew Run! So, I have decided not to host the monthly Indigenous Women’s Business Panel but rather am seeking local Indigenous businesses who want to deliver a monthly workshop. And of course, I will be behind the scenes supporting along with the host ATB Arts and Culture. Excited to launch the monthly schedule shortly. This month was definitely one of giving absolutely loved helping with some website development designs, branding as part of the DJ Rebellion Award as promised to the award winner. Loved being able to reinforce that dream to just make it happen type of work and investment to do some workshop and graphic design simply because I can for the one and only fu&%$#’ fabulous please make me flawless teach me someday I’ll get it master makeup artist! She’s the real beauty queen! All it takes is simply execution its true – thank you to another beautiful Iskwew for that reminder but most importantly for trusting, allowing and sharing your business spirit success with me. Oh and there was another beautiful Iskwew who shared her idea and the best part was how she has this crazy, funny gift of making others laugh we laughed so hard we had tears! Can't wait to see her launch!

Jan 11th hung out at the literally (burr) Deep Freeze Festival with such a powerful Iskwew. Even got called out caught that glimpse to speak about the Indigenous Women’s Business Panel from another powerful Iskwew - thank you for your acknowledgement of this meaning work led by the Indigenous community I could not do this without you, you and you! I believe as I write she is sitting on a beach somewhere so well deserved for sure! Attended the Truth & Reconciliation to hear a powerful Indigenous lawyer and both Amazing Race winners speak don’t know why but every time I hear the doctor speak, he makes me teary eyed. A young Indigenous performer wants to meet our schedules have been conflicting will catch you soon and I haven’t forgotten about you! Received an e-introduction to another beautiful Iskwew from down south she’s launching her event always great to hear others just going for it!

Call me! Preferring calls over texting or Facebook or seeing one another in person is even better! I want to focus more on that face to face connection! Visiting and hanging out whether getting to visit or chatting on the phone love it! Got to touch base with an inspiring Indigenous woman I completely admire from BC. Woah! Even had time to be a dog rescuer - my heart! Got to hang around with No.1 & No.2 love them both. And finally, I got blessed with a crown my daughter found on the ground it’s mine until its claimed I guess (ha)! Always wanted one funny how Creator knows our wants or needs! Purchased a book called “In her moccasins” plan was to have it read by the end of January unfortunately, this will remain - to be continued! And finally booked a trip to Vegas with the most beautiful soul in the world for her birthday!

In the mix of this all I have a three-year volunteer commitment I am the secretary/co-chair of the RS School Council busy as ever only three more months to go. What is amazing is building relationships its reconciliation in the making for sure it’s the very simple yet impactful things like them opening up our meetings with a treaty 6 acknowledgement.

Oh, and you can’t ever forget the things that really matter – our Indigenous youth who are out there so boldly doing their thing. They are watching us they need us just as much as we need them to simply support it’s literally that simply really. I am so impressed by this young, determined to just smash her goals make it happen type of Iskwew. In case you missed she sent out a survey to get our feedback as a community! It was almost immediately I completed it because it was initiated by such a powerhouse - her vibe is contagious. You know who you are! Don’t forget to just make it happen! Yikes we only have twenty-eight day in February! I got this! You got this!

Love, Delilah Mah

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