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MahPhotography was launched in 2017 - driven by Delilah’s passion to capture the beauty of our Indigenous women through photography - to honour and respect their circles, diverse histories, cultures, languages, identities and stories. There is no greater place than to be able to empower, in still hope and share the stories through the images captured. She uses her photography to capture photos of her art and creates her own graphic designs. Most recently capturing the eye of Tix on the Square who would feature business with the community via social media outlets. In addition, to complement the photography she has begun doing customized backdrops for different events and works with professional makeup artists.


You can find me in the community connecting and collaborating with others or you can find me on social media just like all the rest of the Indigenous community - you can follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse of some of the current art & photo work and see me photo styling and sharing my services - Mah Photography. Get the latest updates on my Facebook page for more pretty pictures, art and photoshoots. Thank you for supporting the visual arts and First Nations art businesses and products. I look forward to connecting with you.

Yours truly,

Delilah Mah



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