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So, honoured to tell you about âcimisow my story. Mah Art is First Nations owned and was launched in 2016. It’s a business founded on a passion of truly reclaiming my identity, sharing my gifts and story with all. Mah Art, in the humblest way, endeavours to honour and respect our Ancestors, our Teachers, our Knowledge Keepers, and our Oskâpêwis or Helpers. To the ones who walked before us and left traces of their footprints to serve as a reminder to us not to forget them - to follow the path and to continuously acknowledge them through our gifts we were given in this life. It is empowering to know we are still connected to our Ancestors through our bloodlines and through their stories now protected by our Elders and passed on to our Knowledge Keepers.


It is one gift of many paths to present a memento of our First Nations communities and people's history. Each piece has a unique Indigenous contemporary touch - customized and personalized for the customer to showcase in their home or use as office décor. They are stylish, colourful, elegant and have a modern technique. As the beautiful one - omiyosiw is created for you based upon your ancestors, your community or your identity as it is displayed may our ancestors speak to you, your identity and give you hope, a sense of honour, pride and may you be inspired.


You can find me in the community connecting and collaborating with others or you can find me on social media just like all the rest of the Indigenous community - you can follow me on Instagram to get a glimpse of some of the current art pieces and see me photo styling and sharing my other art products and services - Mah Photography. Get the latest updates on my Facebook page for more pretty pictures, art and photoshoots. Thank you for supporting the visual arts and First Nations art businesses and products. I look forward to connecting with you.

Yours truly,

Delilah Mah


My Saulteaux, Cree and French ancestors told stories for generations just like yours. If we truly listen natohtawêw see the beautiful one - omiyosiw - our Ancestors reflections in our land, our treaties, our cultures, our traditions, our traditional dances and ceremonies, and through our languages. As a visual artist one way I am keeping these stories and teachings of my ancestors alive is creating customized visual art pieces through our spoken Indigenous languages. It offers a way to connect with my customers through my art style. I sell basically sell authentic art products that are pretty Indigenous. Each piece is one of a kind - a member of Treaty 8 territory stated, "Simply amazing way to acknowledge the healing that takes place from within. I call you my storm when I refer to you and your artwork."

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